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For corporate clients


As the world strives for harmony, business in times of crisis strives for business optimization. As a predator sharpens its best qualities, business concentrates its resources on the most effective direction. In times of globally regulated Ukrainian economy, when business is face to face with the great number of regulatory and law enforcement authorities, keeping a large staff of lawyers and accountants is the need which requires large amounts of resources and time spent.


"And Sirius" ltd. is ready to offer you moderate financial, and time expenses, and most importantly to save nerves and health when dealing with regulatory authorities. Accounting and legal advice from our company will solve all these issues.



  • registration of thecorporate clients;
  • registration of the cash register


Accounting services:

  • drafting accounting and tax documents;
  • verification of the received documents;
  • tax on employees accrual and its payment;
  • control over timely payment of taxes, fees and other mandatory payments;
  • harmonization of the ways to optimize the obligatory payments;
  • record-keeping;
  • statistics and statistical reports;
  • legal services and representation in regulatory and law enforcement authorities;
  • risk assessment ofbusiness partners;
  • optimization of taxation;
  • the audit before your inspection;
  • full legal and accounting support

We can become part of your team that quietly but effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, economically will help you achieve success in your core business.


Take a calculator and count how beneficial legal and accounting advice.