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Private entrepreneurships


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to do business without dwelling on dull mundanity? Is it too expensive for you to spend time on drawing up documents or going around state authorities?


Our company is ready to provide you with you all spectrum of services related to the peculiarities of accounting records maintenance and tax accounting in Ukraine, from reports to the courts.


For private entrepreneurs the following services are offered:



  • registration of the private entrepreneurs;
  • registration of the cash register


Accounting services:

  • drafting accounting and tax documents;
  • verification of the received documents;
  • tax on employees accrual and its payment;
  • control over timely payment of taxes, fees and other mandatory payments;
  • harmonization of the ways to optimize the obligatory payments;
  • record-keeping;
  • statistics and statistical reports;
  • legal services and representation in regulatory and law enforcement authorities


Also, our specialists will give you advice on the optimal form of management and the relationship with the state.


Your time spent on accounting is not worth the benefits to the society you can bring, if you spend it on the development of your business.